4 ways of getting quick relief from a nasal congestion

4 ways of getting quick relief from a nasal congestion

Dealing with a stuffy nose is annoying. A nasal congestion is most often accompanied by a running nose. Performing your daily activities becomes all the more difficult, even the chores you did easily earlier might frustrate you now. All you are seeking is a quick, efficient healing technique.

Your nose feels stuffy, after a while, it starts running and suddenly you have no control over it. You are of the idea that it is the mucus that is causing the nasal congestion. It is, however, in most cases, a swelling in the blood vessels in your nose that is the reason for the nasal congestion. Now that we know the causing factor, the following are some of the best remedies for nasal congestion relief.

A humidifier
Even if it works only as a temporary reliever, a humidifier is one of the best nasal congestion relief techniques. It works by converting water into moisture and letting it out in the room, in a bid to increase the humidity in the room. Breathing the moist air is apt for your nose, it can soothe your swollen blood vessels and the irritated tissues. A humidifier not only helps your blood vessels but also works in thinning the mucus. Once the mucus finds its way out of the nose and the blood vessels are back to normal, you should be able to breathe through a clear passage.

A hot shower
A hot shower is an underdog when we talk about the best nasal congestion relief techniques. In most cases, you will feel relieved after taking a shower, but you might not consider it to be the reason for the absence of your nasal congestion. The steam from a hot shower will thin out the mucus as well as reduce the inflammation in the nose. Even if it is only for a while, the hot shower can help you in easing out the breathing process. Similarly, you can get relief from a nasal congestion by breathing steam from hot water in a sink. Turn on the hot water in the sink, and put your head over it, covered with a towel, when the temperature is right. Take long deep breaths on the hot steam, this will have the same effect as a hot shower, however, you can do this multiple times in the day, even at work.

Drain the sinuses
This might not be the most pleasing or glamorous task to most of us, but it most certainly works as one of the best nasal congestion relief techniques. You will need a neti pot to drain out the sinuses from your nose. A neti pot is a teapot-shaped container that is designed specially to drain out the mucus from the sinuses. To use a neti pot you will need to stand over a sink, push the spout end of the pot in one nostril until the water enters the nostril. Once the water is in your nostril, it will come out from the other nostril along with some mucus. Repeat this for about ten to twelve minutes and then switch the nostril. This should give you a relief that will last throughout the day; it is another technique that you can try at work.

Decongestants or allergy medicines
If none of the above remedies work for you, then you might have to stick to medications to gain relief from the nasal congestion. Decongestants are one of the best nasal congestion relief medications. If the root cause is an inflammation or a swelling, then a decongestant will work best for you. There are many decongestants that are available without a prescription. If the nasal spray does not work for you, you can also take a pill for your nasal congestion. In a case where the congestion is caused by an allergy, an anti-allergen would be a good way to get quick and efficient relief from nasal congestion.

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